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About Us

Rooted in Hong Kong, Pete & Dave’s Cultural Heritage Consultancy Limited (豪傑文化遺產顧問有限公司) has been established since June 2021. Pete & Dave’s provides professional archaeology and conservation related commercial services to everyone from local authorities, building contractors to private individuals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our core members are having the archaeology/ cultural heritage qualification and practical skills needed, as well as a proven track record over a decade or so of monitoring, executing and completing projects covering all aspects of archaeological identification, excavation and mitigation. Particularly, we have been taking completing projects within or under time and cost budget very seriously, while being too aware of the possible adverse consequence of any sort of delay on a development contract. Hence, Pete & Dave’s is always reminded by its motto saying flexible deployment of resources as the key to the efficient and professional resolution of problems.

Besides, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and business acumen through teaching courses with a well-crafted and innovative design. Details please stay tuned to the course schedules that will be uploaded on a regular basis.