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Archaeological Excavation and Survey

Our Services Include:

⚬ Archaeological excavation and survey.

⚬ Carrying out government, building contractor commissioned projects on archaeological surveys, field investigations.

⚬ Completing archaeological report/ heritage impact assessment required by different phases of commissioned projects.

Archaeological Survey/ Excavation

Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment (CHIA)

Archaeological Monitoring/ Assessment


Archaeological Excavation and

Pete & Dave’s offers a wide range of services including Archaeological Excavation and Survey, monitoring and execution of archaeological projects, completed with archaeological and cultural heritage impact assessments that are mandatory and stipulated by the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (Cap. 499), which was enacted in 1997.

According to the Ordinance, it is necessary for all designated projects covering large-scale infrastructures, before their commencement, to conduct environmental impact assessment (EIA). As an integral part of the study, EIA needs to incorporate cultural heritage impact assessment (CHIA) with conversation management plan and protection measures included to ensure that the heritage sites would not be damaged. For sites that are of archaeological significance, archaeological fieldwork are required before construction of the development projects that follow.

CHIA requirements are not confined to large-scale infrastructure but construction works of smaller scale (like standalone buildings as small houses). Pete & Dave’s is proud to work with a diverse range of clients in both the public and private sectors, of both the large enterprises and individuals represented by government bodies, construction industry professionals and private individuals.